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Buy A Boat Tips

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Boats are useful for a number of different purposes like transportation, cruising, sports, and fishing etc. Many people choose to buy a personal boat for one or more of these purposes and thus they need to consider various matters related to purchasing a boat. The three most important considerations in buying a boat are: the […]

Luxury Charter Yachts – A World-Class Voyage

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Entertainment and its different notions have been prominent from the primitive days. In short, human beings have always looked for different sorts of entertainment to get out of the regimented way of life and work schedule. In accordance with the culture and tradition of the countries, several modes of entertainment, either in the field of […]

Activities Of Boat Clubs

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Boat clubs are a valuable source of enjoying various activities involving boats like boat races and handling boats for fishing and sailing etc. General community boat clubs as well as those run by educational institutions offer a platform for social get together, learning about boats, and healthy competitions to their members. Not only do members […]

Sell Your Boat The Easy Way

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When it comes to selling things, it can be hard to find the market for it. This goes for selling houses, cars, and even boats. However, a lot of people are learning that it does not have to be hard to sell this kind of stuff, thanks to the internet. The internet is the one […]

Hunter Sailboats, The Best Sport Fishing Sailboats In The World

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Are you one of the millions of Americans that love to go out fishing on a boat? If you said yes, then there is one company that you should think of whenever you go out to get your next sport fishing sailboat, and that is Hunter Sailboats. This company is really part of the Luhrs […]

Nautical Jewelry Gifts

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Those who love the ocean, fishing, and marine creatures, will love this marine life and nautical jewelry collection. These charms and pendants make a wonderful gift for you, a friend, a man, or woman and you can be sure they will be cherished for many years to come. 14K Gold nautical jewelry for fishermen, power […]

Boat Trailers for Outdoorsmen

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There are many hobbies that people can and do enjoy. Some hobbies are what would be called indoor hobbies and some hobbies that would be called outdoor hobbies. People who like to cook, bake, read, watch movies and make quilts might be categorized as indoor hobbyists. In addition, people who like to take pictures of […]

Ericsson’s Monohull World Record

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The World Sailing Speed Record Council confirmed today that Ericsson 4 were the holders of the new Monohull 24-hour record. Ericsson 4 recorded 596.6 nautical miles in 24 hours between a start position at 290 49.21 S; 230 42.41 W at18:55 on Monday, October 28,2008 and a finish position at 310 53.14 S; 120 22.21W […]

Yacht Clubs Of America, The Greatest Online Boating Community

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If you are looking for a club to join, then the best thing to do is go to the site called Yacht Clubs of America. This is a site that is trying to link together the boating communities and clubs around the United States. Here you will be able to find out information on more […]

Learning About Boat Loans

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While automobile loans are the most common in regard to transportation, many people are interested in boating. This inevitably leads to boat loans. Before purchasing a boat, you may want to consider all that is involved and understand the process of obtaining a loan for a boat. Boating is not for everyone, but if you […]