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Boats are useful for a number of different purposes like transportation, cruising, sports, and fishing etc. Many people choose to buy a personal boat for one or more of these purposes and thus they need to consider various matters related to purchasing a boat. The three most important considerations in buying a boat are: the purpose of buying the boat, available budget and method of payment, and the selection of the right kind of boat. To get well informed on these aspects of boats, one should read boat magazines and personally take a tour in a few places where boats are used by like-minded boating enthusiasts.

Yacht Clubs of America

Yacht Clubs of America

Many boating enthusiasts today can afford to buy a boat for personal adventure and enjoyment. What really makes the buying process tough is the almost overwhelming number of options available at so many boat sellers. To make the best possible buy, one needs to consider a few basic things before spending money to buy a boat; e.g. buying a new or a used boat, the best payment method, and finding the right kind of boat.

San Francisco Yacht Club

San Francisco Yacht Club

The choice of buying a new versus a used boat primarily depends on one’s funds or amount of money available for purchasing a boat. As a general rule, it is better to buy a new boat if there is a handsome amount of personal money in hand, especially if one intends to keep the boat forever or for a very long time. On the other hand, it makes more sense to buy a used boat if the budget available for the purchase is limited and/or if the buyer does not have any plans for a long-term use of the boat. Finally, a used boat better serves the purpose of a person who is very busy and does not have enough time to frequently go out boating. It is no use spending a lot of money on a new boat if one cannot put it to frequent use.

Paying cash to buy a boat is always better than other methods of payments because boating is a hobby and should be pursued only if one can get enough money out of one’s savings or earnings to get a boat. In addition, the buyer should not spend all his/her money on buying the boat alone. Various collateral payments are required upon buying a boat, e.g. taxes, registration, and insurance etc. Before paying for a boat, the buyer should study the boat market for some time so as to be able to decide on the best time to buy a boat.

Choosing the right kind of boat is the most important step in the whole process of buying a boat. The buyer should consider various features of the boat i.e. affordability, appropriate size (large enough to accommodate people who would be using the boat but not too large to become difficult to control), appropriate design that meets the purpose of the boat’s purchase (fishing, transportation, cruising, sports etc.), and so on. It often proves advantageous to go out and observe the kinds of boats that are popular in one’s area so as to have an idea what works better in a particular place. Also helpful is the information provided in boat magazines about the features and prices of various boat models in different areas and with different sellers. By comparing various models and their prices, one can get a better idea of how and where to buy a boat.


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  1. Shest
    Posted September 22, 2009 at 10:24 pm |

    Great advice. Its refreshing to see that someone is recomending staying out of debt to pursue a hobby!